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Understand what it takes to start an enterprise, be an entrepreneur and access resources to help you.
Find out the best resources on banking, finance check, investment, small business financing.
Everything on international trade and exports. Prepare yourself for globalization
Competitive Intelligence
Be strategic and learn how to maintain or enhance your competitiveness

Best sites on management development and management issues
Business Support Services
Identify where to get advice and business support for your small business. Understand when to buy or sell your business. Very likely the most important factor for success
Business Law
Everything you need to know on business and international trade laws, including intellectual property rights, licenses and patents.
Explore different policies for sustainable enterprise development

Business Incubators
Everything you need to know on enterprise creation, business incubators, and self employment initiatives. .
an other kind of enterprise: credit unions and cooperatives

Everything you need to know on donor activities, programs and projects .

Women in business, women and business. Explore specific resources for women entrepreneurs.
Info on globalization
Globalization : everything you need to know on the emergence of global markets. Explore the impact of globalization on small business

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ENTERWeb's focus is on micro-enterprises, small business and medium scale enterprises,
 cooperatives, community economic development, both in developed and developing countries.
The Enterprise Development Website
is a "Knowledge Portal for Small Business", a one stop window where relevant sources of information are already identified and assessed, so you will save time in accessing what you are looking for

The focus is on micro-enterprise, small business and medium enterprise development both in developed and developing countries.
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All About:
All you need to start a successful business on the Web. Best sites on electronic commerce.
Education & Training
Find out the best resources on business education and business administration. Includes sites on vocational training.
All you need to know for becoming your own boss without entering themind lab.

Social Media
Find out the best resources on the interface between Social Media and Small Business
Understanding economics. Find out the best website sources on economic issues and explore the interface between small business and economics and salary guides.
Community development
Local development and social economy. Think global and act local.

The new "Hot" topic: microsavings and microcredit for development

Find out on the relationship between enterprise and environment, initiatives, and more

Business security
international business services and enterprise development research

Learn more on technology development, including new health technology initiatives. Emerging, which also include appropriate technologies in the otc enhancement industry.


Business NewsNetworks
Business networks and information centres. Browse the best small business guides
Where to find the most relevant and current investment picks and news

Knowledge Economy : Everything you need to know on the new knowledge based information society
If you are an entrepreneur , a small business owner, a civil servant, a social or community development worker, a university professor, a librarian or a student interested in entrepreneurship and enterprise development, you will find ENTERWeb invaluable as an "information gateway" leading you to quality information sources on entrepreneurship, small business, finance, international trade and the economy for both developed and developing countries
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