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You will find below a sample of the sites linking back to ENTERWeb. All those links are natural organic links, meaning that they were created strictly because their owners felt that linking to ENTERWeb would provide their users with additional value added through quality content, which was in fact the main reason behind the initial creation of the Enterprise Development Website. None of those links are purchased links or reciprocal links.

They were found using the Google search engine and represents a small portion of all the sites linking back to ENTERWeb. In as much as I could ascertain their real motive, I tried not to include the myriad of Business Directories which appear to have proliferated so much lately that they no longer provide any useful service except contributing to the commercial success of their creators.

It should be stressed at this stage that ENTERWeb is not a directory where sites can automatically register, but a Knowledge Portal where all sites included in the ENTERWeb's index are high quality sites which have been individually selected and evaluated according to strict criterias.

Last updated April 17th 2012

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