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Enterprise development in cyberspace. Doing business on the Internet is now a new reality which is going to take its true dimension through globalization and e-business. But what does it exactly mean to do e-business? how to build a secure website? how to take advantage of e-commerce? How to utilize Internet technologies to provide superior customer service, streamline business processes, increase sales and reduce costs? This page lists and rates electronic resources related to e-business and e-commerce which will help start, manage and grow a successful cyberbusiness.

Last updated February 10th 2012

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Sites are reviewed individually and rated mostly according to content depth and value added, while also considering ease of navigation and speed of loading. For each category best resources are listed first.

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This Australian guide to doing business on line provides information and resources about e-business for small businesses. It comprises five building blocks for e-business: Establish an online presence, Get started in e-business, Already online, Increase productivity with online tools, Start at the beginning. Excellent site, extremely well done and very useful even if you are not from Australia. Do not miss the case studies.

Openup to eBusiness
From Enterprise Ireland this website helps small businesses use IT and eBusiness to improve competitiveness and grow sales. It includes: How to guides to help with such decisions; case studies about companies which have addressed similar issues; key guidelines for managing IT; and other resources. Very good and useful site. Do not miss the How to guides which are very well made.

UNCTAD Information and Communications Technologies for Development
The UNCTAD programme of work on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) carries out policy-oriented analytical work on the implications for developing countries of the adoption of ICT, Internet and e-business technologies. Very interesting site which despite its lackluster appearance merits to be explored at length. Do not misss the 2011 and 2010 Information Economy Reports: «ICTs as an Enabler for Private Sector Development» and «ICTs, Entreprises and Poverty Alleviation»

European e-Business Support Network
The European e-business policies portal, the backbone of the European e-Business Support Network (eBSN) for SMEs, serves as one-stop-shop, on-line environment for all European e-business initiatives, launched by (or in collaboration with) public authorities at national, regional or local level, that aim at promoting the adoption of ICT and e-business among SMEs. The portal provides information about e-business policy initiatives, statistical data about the take-up of e-business among European SMEs, examples of best practice, news, free trial announcement, articles, etc.

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The goal of the is to provide the single best source of independent, up-to-date information about electronic commerce including daily news, feature articles, product guides, case studies, an e-commerce events calendar, and e-commerce-focused discussion forums. Excellent site , very rich with a wide range of diverse information on all the aspects of electronic commerce,

Global Technology Forum
This website from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is designed to bring you the latest analysis of the top technology trends affecting business worldwide and to provide you with all the information and analysis you need to hone your business strategy for the global digital economy. Very rich and excellent site which is divided in 6 sections: Latest analysis, Special reports, Company analysis, Global data, Global risk, Global subsectors. In addition you can superimpose a regional and/or country lens to those six categories.

Wilson Internet Services
The objective of "Wilson Internet Services" is to provide Web marketing solutions to both small business needs as well as corporate strategy development. It is an attractive site, with a well organized list of links to on-line articles about effective Web marketing and to various Web resources for business. You can also subscribe to Web Marketing Today, a free, bi-weekly newsletter delivered via email.

NatWest Bank eBusiness Guide
A free, practical and common sense guide from the UK to help small businesses get to grips with the Internet and eBusiness. The guide is split into 10 factsheets which provide tips and guidance and can help answer your questions. The guide offers basic information from which you choose what's relevant to your particular business needs. Excellent guide.

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Europe's Information Society
This website of the European Commission highlights the achievements of the i2010 , the EU policy framework for the information society and media (2005-2009) which promoted the positive contribution that information and communication technologies (ICT) can make to the economy, society and personal quality of life. Excellent and very interesting site. Do not miss the Digital Competitiveness report and also in the section «Economy & Work» the subsection on eBusiness.

Web Virtual Library
The WDVL is for webmasters, Internet developers, and online publishers. The focus is on comprehensive coverage of all topics relevant to web development, especially the technical aspects. The WDVL is a collection of articles and links to information about developing World Wide Web sites. The main sections are Authoring, Internet, Location, Multimedia, Reference, and Software. A bit "technical", but if you want to do-it-yourself, this is "THE" place.

eBusiness Connection
Developed by British Columbia's Ministry of Small Business and Economic Development the eBusiness Connection (eBC) is a not-for-profit e-business resource center which was created in response to the entrepreneurial community's demand for more and better e-business and e-commerce resources. It offers a comprehensive collection of e-business information services to help small businesses adapt to technological change, and remain competitive in our rapidly changing information economy. Very interesting and useful website . Do not miss the e-business guides.

MIT Center for eBusiness
The MIT Center for eBusiness is the world's largest center for research focused on the digital economy. Their mission is to be the leading source of innovation, knowledge creation, dissemination and utilization, in management theory and practice for Digital Business. The Center brings together global companies, leading researchers, and some of the best students in the world, in inventing and understanding the business value that can be created by the productive use of digital technologies. The research briefs are particularly interesting.

Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce
The goal of this free online publication is to inform executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, government personnel and other key players on principal developments and trends in the rapidly evolving electronic commerce area all over the World. Interesting and not too "techie". The Journal seems to be accessible only from the web archive section, not the current edition section.

This francophone referencing site is a commercial site providing a lot of free information and very interesting guides and articles on web promotion.

CIO.COM The Leading Resource for Information Executives
CIO.COM, defining itself as the leading resource for information executives, provides free and direct access to the online current and past versions of a number of IT related magazines such as CIO magazine, Web business, etc as well as to research centers on a variety of IT related issues. It is also possible to subscribe (apparently free) to the in-print version of those publications. Very good site providing a lot of IT information (some of it sponsored by IT manufacturers).

The European Commission's e-Business W@tch is a sectoral e-Business observatory which monitors the adoption, development and impact of electronic business practices in different sectors of the economy in the enlarged European Union. Special emphasis is placed on the implications of electronic business for SMEs. Even though the site has been archived in February 2011 it is still accessible and provides access to interesting information.

UNB Electronic Commerce Research & Training Centre
The University of New Brunswick Electronic Commerce Research & Training Centre (ECC) declares itself Canada's authority on electronic commerce in the small medium business sector. The centre's main goal is to help Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) from across Atlantic Canada grow their businesses through the effective use of the Internet and Internet based technologies. The most interesting part of the site is the section on research activities. Do not miss the report: «Why SMEs should stop spending resources in enhancing their web sites?». is a francophone site which provides several information services on electronic commerce: ebusiness thematic kits, news review, directories, conferences and workshops, practical guide for SME, export data. Interesting site.
Legalis is a francophone web site dedicated to legal aspects of the Internet, of computing, multimedia and telecommunications. Its audience includes both law professionals and individuals who want to create their own site.

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce
The Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (CREC) is one of the leading research institution in Electronic Commerce and Digital Information Systems. Research papers can be downloaded. Interesting site although very technical and specialized.

Website 101
WebSite101 is set up as a basic training for operating a small business online in the manner of a beginning college course. Definitions of terms, webmaster and small business resources, a weekly ezine emphasizing business techniques online and an email "short-course" are available to help those launching a new business on the web.

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