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Donors Activities in Enterprise Development

During the past 10/15 years, the efforts of NGOs, bilateral and multilateral agencies, to assist in supporting small and medium enterprise development have produced a number of lessons learned and best practices now available on-line. This page lists and rates electronic resources related to donor agencies activities in the field of enterprise development.

Last updated February 28th 2012

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Sites are reviewed individually and rated mostly according to content depth and value added, while also considering design, ease of navigation and speed of loading. For each category best resources are listed first.

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Donor Committee for Enterprise Development
The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) is a gathering of many of the funding and inter-governmental agencies working for sustainable poverty alleviation through development of "the private sector" - the businesses, small and large, that provide the bulk of employment and prosperity worldwide. Until 2005, the Committee was known as the "Committee of Donor Agencies for Small Enterprise Development". Exceptional and extremely rich site.

SDC Employment and Income
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is committed to approaches and methods for economic development that promote socially and ecologically sustainable economic growth and involve in particular the poor disadvantaged segments of the population, whether as employees, producers or consumers. Their main focus areas are Private Sector Development, Financial Sector Development, and Vocational Training Development. Excellent and very rich site. Do not miss the report on «Evaluation of SDCs Vocational Skills Development Activities» and also the SDC's web-platform for employment and income practitioners.

World Bank Financial & Private Sector Development
Private Sector Development is key to the World Bank's strategy to eradicate poverty. In order to have a thriving private sector which will create opportunity for jobs, growth and reducing poverty , the World Bank believes that the best way is to support government policies for the business environment by developing an appropriate regulatory environment, facilitating access to financial services, mobilizing the private sector to offer better services, supporting the development of robust financial systems. Excellent site.

microLINKS is a dynamic knowledge sharing web site, allowing to share cutting edge research on microenterprise development, while also serving as a meeting place through which visitors can share their own experiences and knowledge. Excellent site, very impressive in the way it masters and utilize the new web technologies. It also reflects the new change in approaches from Business Support Services to the new Value Chain approach.

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UNIDO's Industrial Policy and Private Sector Development
UNIDO's specific focus in the field of poverty reduction through enhancing the development contribution of the private sector consists in supporting the formulation of industrial policies that improve the general business environment for private sector development, as well as in building up local productive capacities in a private sector-led process. Excellent site. Do not miss (in the section Business Environment & Policy Support Unit ) the document «Effective Policies for Small Business : a guide for the policy review process and strategic plans for micro small and medium entreprise development».

OECD Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
The OECD Working Party on SME and Entrepreneurship provides the analytical work and information, including evaluation of policies and best practices, to develop policies that foster entrepreneurship, help their SMEs to innovate and meet the challenge of globalisation, facilitate sustainable growth, competitiveness, skilled jobs creation and employment. Very good site. Do not miss the Bologna Charter on SME Policies and the 2009 report «The Impact of the Global Crisis on SME and Entrepreneurship Financing and Policy Responses».

ILO's Job Creation and Enterprise Development
The ILO's Sustainable Enterprise Development Programme focuses on how to promote enterprise development in a manner that aligns enterprise growth with sustainable development objectives and the creation of productive employment and decent work. Very good and interesting site. Do not miss the policy document on the promotion of sustainable enterprises.

USAID - Economic Growth & Trade
USAID approach in encouraging broad based economic growth combines developing well functioning markets, enhancing access to productive activities, and strengthening the international framework of policies, institutions and public goods. Very good site which has sections on Business Enabling Environment, Enterprise Development, Financial Markets, Micro Enterprise Development. Do not miss the Entrepreneurship Toolkit.

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Business Environment website
This inter-agency information exchange site has been created to share documents and information about donor-supported work to enhance the business environment to achieve pro-poor growth. It focuses on aspects of the Business Environment that discriminate against small firms and also covers the overall approaches of governments to SME policies and institutions. Very innovative and useful initiative.

Developing Markets for Business Services
This inter-agency information exchange site has been created to share documents and information about donor-supported work to develop markets for business services. Very innovative and useful initiative.

OECD Financial, Fiscal and Entreprise Affairs
The OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs helps governments to improve the domestic and global policies that affect business and markets. It identifies policies and best practices designed to keep markets open, competitive and sustainable while combating market abuses and economic crime through international co-operation. Very interesting site. Do not miss the section on Corporate Governance Lessons from the Financial Crisis.

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Latin America
Actualités des services aux entreprises
One of the main policy themes of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the fight against poverty and the reduction of inequalities. This objective is achieved through the support given to enterprises and in particular the provision of non financial business development services such as advisory services, training, technical support, information services, technology transfer, joint ventures, etc. The objective of this site is to provide a synthesis and a translation of what is done and written on the problematique of business development services (BDS).

Unleashing Entrepreneurship: Making Business Work for the Poor
In this report to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Commission on Private Sector and Development focuses on how business can create domestic employment and wealth, free local entrepreneurial energies, and help achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Very interesting report despite the fact that is is now eight years old.

The Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information Service (EDIAIS) was established to provide information and expertise in enterprise development impact assessment to DFID and the wider development community. Very interesting site despite the fact that it is now archived.

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