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Business ethics and corporate social responsibility

As recently as a decade ago, many companies viewed business ethics only in terms of administrative compliance with legal standards and adherence to internal rules and regulations. Today the situation is different. Attention to business ethics is on the rise across the world and many companies realize that in order to succeed, they must earn the respect and confidence of their customers. Like never before, corporations are being asked, encouraged and prodded to improve their business practices to emphasize legal and ethical behavior. Companies, professional firms and individuals alike are being held increasingly accountable for their actions, as demand grows for higher standards of corporate social responsibility. This page lists and rates valuable Internet resources related to business ethics, ethical business and corporate social responsibility.

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Sites are reviewed individually and rated mostly according to content depth and value added, while also considering ease of navigation and speed of loading. For each category best resources are listed first.

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Complete Guide to Ethics Management
This guide is a straightforward and highly practical tool designed to help leaders and managers implement comprehensive ethics management systems in their workplaces in order to deal with the complex, ethical issues that can occur in the day-to-day realities of leading and managing an organization. It provides guidelines for managing ethics, identifies key roles and responsibilities, provides instructions for setting up a code of ethics and a code of conduct. Excellent site.

EUROPA Corporate Social Responsibility
This extremely rich and excellent site from the European Commission leads to all the works undertaken by the commission in the area of corporate social responsibility and in particular to the new policy on corporate social resposability which was issued in October 2011. Do not miss the report: «CSR in small business: good practice examples» and the guide to communicating about CSR.

Business Ethics Links Library
The Business Ethics Links Library (BELL) from the university of Colorado at Boulder is a comprehensive starting point for research in corporate ethics and social responsibility. The database provides access to codes of ethics for U.S. companies and trade and professional associations, ethics sites at college and university business programs, industry information resources, and company promotion of social responsibility. Excellent meta index and search engine. Do not miss the online ethics publications.

Ethics Compliance Management System Standard
The Ethics Compliance Management System Standard (ECS2000) is a guideline for corporations and other organisations which are endeavouring to conduct business in an equitable and responsible manner. The ECS2000 standard has been made publicly available by the Business Ethics Research Project at the Reitaku Centre for Economic Research. Very useful document for any organisation which aim to establish, apply, maintain and consistently improve an ethical-legal compliance management system.

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Caux Round Table
The Caux Round Table (CRT) is an international network of principled business leaders working to promote a moral capitalism. The CRT advocates implementation of the CRT Principles for Business through which principled capitalism can flourish and sustainable and socially responsible prosperity can become the foundation for a fair, free and transparent global society. Very rich and interesting site. Do not miss the section on resources, the CSR Handbook for SMEs, and the Guide to CSR and Business Ethics Codes.

European Corporate Governance Institute
The ECGI is an international scientific non-profit association which provide a forum for debate and dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice. Excellent and very rich site where you can access and download research newsletters and working papers. Of particular interest is the section on Codes & Principles where, on a country basis, you can download either existing guidelines or recommendations on corporate governance.

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) is a non-profit, business-led, national membership organization of Canadian companies working to improve their social, environmental and financial performance. They have developed the GoodCompany Guidelines for Corporate Social Performance which are a set of guidelines that outline what companies can do to become more socially and environmentally responsible. Excellent site. Do not miss the CBSR Collaboration Assessment Tool and the CSR Governance Guidelines.

EthicsWorld's mission is to disseminate information and strengthen understanding of the critical issues of institutional governance, business ethics and anti-corruption, by reporting on key developments and providing a forum for diverse opinions. The site is divided in 6 sections including news, ethics & employees, corporate governance, corporate social responsability, public sector governance and news from NGOs. Excellent site although some of the news / articles are sometimes a bit dated.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative
The University of New Mexico Anderson School of Management Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative serves as a resource for business ethics education which provides a source of information on business ethics, corporate citizenship and organizational compliance. The goal of the e-business ethics center is to create a virtual community of organizations and individuals that share best practices in the improvement of business ethics. Excellent site with a very rich resources section. I particularly liked their examples of codes of conduct.

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OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance were endorsed by OECD Ministers in 1999 and revised in 2004. They cover six key areas of corporate governance : ensuring the basis for an effective corporate governance framework; the rights of shareholders; the equitable treatment of shareholders; the role of stakeholders in corporate governance; disclosure and transparency; and the responsibilities of the board. Essential document. The Frequently Asked Questions and the 2004 Policy brief itself are even more interesting than the principles themselves. Do not miss the section on Corporate Governance and the Financial crisis

Kenan Institute for Ethics
The Kenan Institute for Ethics is committed to understanding and addressing ethical challenges facing individuals, organizations, and societies worldwide. This university-wide initiative at Duke University supports the study and teaching of ethics and promotes moral reflection and commitment in personal, professional, community, and civic life. While not directly focusing on Business Ethics this is an excellent site especially in the way it integrates their focus on Ethics throughout the whole university. Do not miss the case studies secction and their 5 year strategic plan.

Transparency International
Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization which brings civil society, business, and governments together in a powerful global coalition, and works at both the national and international level to curb both the supply and demand of corruption. Excellent site which includes a newsletter and a rich publications section. Do not miss the business principles for countering bribery.

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Ethics & Policy Integration Centre
The Ethics & Policy Integration Centre (EPIC) is an ethics and policy research effort based on the belief that applying the principles and practices of organizational ethics is an eminently practical part of organizational life. Very interesting site with a rich resource section. Do not miss the section on small and medium enterprises and also Business Ethics: a manual for managing a responsible business enterprise in emerging market economies.

Strategis / Corporate Social Responsibility
This site from Industry Canada, a department of the federal canadian government, addresses the issue of definition, outlines tools that can be employed by businesses, presents best practices on the subject, and describes what it does to support corporate social responsibility. Excellent site. Do not miss the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy and its section on Corporate Social Responsability.

Eldis Corporate Social Responsibility Resource Guide
This subject-focused guide offers quick access to key documents, organizations, research themes, discussions and other key resources. Very rich and excellent site. Do not miss the section on CR & SMEs and the new guide on Ethical Finance.

United Nations Global Compact
The Global Compact is an international initiative that will bring companies together with UN agencies, labour and civil society to support nine (now ten) principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. It seeks to advance responsible corporate citizenship so that business can be part of the solution to the challenges of globalisation. Excellent site. Do not miss the Operational Guide for Medium-Scale Enterprises and the section on Anti-Corruption.

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Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics
The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics is an independent entity established in partnership with Business Roundtable (an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. Companies) and 16 leading faculty from top business schools to renew and enhance the link between ethical behavior and business practice. Excellent site with a rich publication section which include reports and cas studies. Do not miss the 2009 Compliance and Ethics Forum report which presents analysis and conclusions following the Enron crisis and the great recession

CSR Europe
CSR Europe is the leading European business network for corporate social responsibility with around 80 multinational corporations and 35 national partner organisations as members.. Its mission is to help companies achieve profitability, sustainable growth and human progress by placing corporate social responsibility in the mainstream of business practice. The site includes an extensive list of publications on CSR as well as a very large list of links. Excellent site. Do not miss the CSR Toolbox and the online best practice and tools database.

Ethical Trading Initiative
The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an alliance of UK companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and trade union organizations. Its objectives are to promote and improve the implementation of corporate codes of practice which cover supply chain working conditions. Very rich and interesting site. Do not miss the section on getting started with ethical trade which provides an introduction to ethical trade, codes of practice and international labour standards including the ETI Workbook and also the ETI Resources section which includes downloadable documents.

United States Office Of Government Ethics
The Office of Government Ethics (OGE), a small agency within the executive branch, exercises leadership to prevent conflicts of interest on the part of Government employees, and to resolve those conflicts of interest that do occur. The site presents information and documents on most common ethical issues including financial conflicts of interest , rules of financial disclosure, etc. Although not directly concerned with business ethics this is an excellent and very interesting site as it provides a mirror for proper ethical conduct with government officials. Do not miss the international links to other ethics and anticorruption organizations.

UK government gateway to CSR
The UK government has an ambitious vision for corporate social responsibility: to see UK businesses taking account of their economic, social and environmental impacts, and acting to address the key sustainable development challenges based on their core competences wherever they operate. The site includes sections on definition of CSR, policy and legislation, projects and programmes, practice, resources, etc. Very interesting site. Do not miss the 2009 Corporate responsibility Report and the section on OECD Guidelines.

Ethics Resource Center
The Ethics Resource Center (ERC) is a nonprofit organization whose vision is a world where individuals and organizations act with integrity. Excellent site which has been recently remodeled. It includes a monthly newsletter and some free publications. Do not miss the Ethics toolkit and the publication on « Ethical Culture Building: A Modern Business Imperative ». is a global network of persons and institutions interested in various fields of applied ethics. It offers access to a large number of resources on ethics, especially through its leading global digital ethics library and facilitates collaborative web-based research, conferences, online publishing and information sharing. A very ambitious and worthwhile project which started in July 2011. You need to register (free) to access the documents. Very interesting and promising site.

Business Ethics Magazine
Business Ethics, the magazine of corporate responsibility, carries news and analysis of cutting edge topics in corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and social investing.Now available only on the web, articles are classified into more than 20 categories, including business ethics, compliance and governance, corporate political spending, etc. Very good site. Monthly archives are also available.

Better Business Bureau
The North American BBB system is an important force for marketplace ethics, operating a range of programs and services to promote ethical business conduct. These programs include voluntary standards and codes of practice, dispute resolution processes, and information and education programs. The site includes a code of advertising and a code of online business practices.

Compliance Training Portal
Developed by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and Wecomply a private company providing compliance training solutions, this portal was set up to help companies deal with business ethics and compliance training. Interesting site providing tips and access to ressources on a variety of topics such as appropriate internet use, codes of conduct, conflicts of interest, etc. Do not miss the ACC Newsstand.

Center for Corporate Citizenship
The Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College is a membership based research organization which works with global corporations to help them define, plan and operationalize their corporate citizenship. Their goal is to help business leverage its social, economic and human assets to ensure both its success and a more just and sustainable world. Very interesting site. Do not miss the section on publications where there are many documents available for download, and the section on corporate citizenship links which is very good.

Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy
EthicsCentre.CA (Canadian Centre for Ethics and Corporate Policy) is an independent ethics centre dedicated to promoting and maintaining an ethical orientation and culture in Canadian organizations. Its mission is to champion the application of ethical values in the decision-making process of business and other organizations. Very interesting site. Do not miss Management Ethics which is a quarterly publication featuring topics of interest to the business community, and also the numerous articles and speeches included in the Resources section.

Center for Ethics and Business
The Center for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles aims to provide an environment for discussing issues related to the necessity, difficulty, costs and rewards of conducting business ethically. Recognizing the special challenges connected with discussing ethical issues on a multicultural planet at the dawn of the 21st century, the Center encourages a secular and philosophical approach to these matters. Interesting site. Do not miss the Ethics house warranty help and the section on links.

Codes of Ethics Online
The Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions from the Illinois Institute of Technology has put their extensive collection of codes of ethics on the web. This includes codes of ethics of professional societies, corporations, government, and academic institutions. The Codes of Ethics Online site includes an index and a search engine.

Center for Business Ethics
The Center for Business Ethics at Bentley College is a nonprofit educational and consulting organization whose vision is a world in which all businesses contribute positively to society through their ethically sound and responsible operations. The site houses studies and surveys as well as the Ethics Matters Magazine. Do not miss the list of ethical newsletters in the resources section.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative
The Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at the Kennedy School of Government is a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder program that seeks to study and enhance the public role of the private enterprise. It focuses on exploring the intersection between corporate responsibility, corporate governance and strategy, public policy, and the media. Interesting site. Do not miss the very rich publications section.

Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science
The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science was established to provide engineers, scientists and science and engineering students with resources useful for understanding and addressing ethically significant problems that arise in their work life. Very good site. The case studies are fascinating.

Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) exists to champion ethical practice and compliance standards in all organizations and to provide the necessary resources for compliance professionals and others who share these principles. Interesting site, especially the section on Resources. In addition to the Code of Professional Ethics for Compliance and Ethics Professionals you can access model job descriptions in that area. Do not miss the white paper on Risks and Protections for Compliance and Ethics Professionals.

Corporate social responsibility news and resources
This personal site of Mallen Baker presents news and articles on corporate social responsibility. The site includes aricles and a blog. Do not miss the section on definitions of corporate social responsibility and on arguments against CSR.

World Council for Corporate Governance
The World Council for Corporate Governance is an independent, not for profit international network aimed to galvanise good governance practices worldwide. It was established at the first International Conference on Corporate Governance held in January 2001 in New Delhi. The site includes past conference reports.

Institute for Global Ethics
The Institute for Global Ethics' mission is to promote ethical behavior in individuals, institutions, and nations through research, public discourse, and practical action. Interesting site but limited. Do not miss the Ethics Newsline.

License Corporation
Ethical Corporation is an independent publisher on business ethics and corporate responsibility. Interesting site which combines daily news and a monthly magazine. With the exception of the daily news and corresponding newsletter most of the information is accessible only if you are a paid subscriber.

EthicScan Canada
EthicScan Canada Ltd is a synthesis of three different services : an ethics consultancy, Canada's first corporate social responsibility research house, and a clearinghouse or resource centre for consumer and corporate ethics. Interesting site but most of the reports available have to be purchased. Do not miss the FAQs and the extensive list of links.

Ethikos is a bi-monthly publication that examines ethical and compliance issues in business. A sample issue is available as well as selected articles from past issues. You need to be a subscriber to access all the information.

European Business Ethics Network
The European Business Ethics Network, EBEN, is an international network dedicated to the promotion of business ethics in European private industry, public sector, voluntary organizations, and academia. The site includes a newsletter and a discussion forum but you need to be a paid member to access them. Interesting set of links.

Investor Responsibility Research Center
IRRC provides research and advice for institutional and private investors a complete checkup on issues related to corporate governance, the environment as well as social issues.Their website includes the Executive Summary of their 1998 Corporate Environmental Profiles Directory.

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