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Business Incubators and Enterprise Creation

With current high unemployment and underemployment rates, most government in developed and developing countries alike , are giving the highest priority to job creation, self-employment and enterprise creation, with the belief that micro,small and medium enterprise development will be the engine of growth. This page provides a guide to the best sites on business incubators, enterprise creation and self employment initiatives.

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infoDev Incubator Support Center
iDISC - the infoDev Incubator Support Center - is an outcome of the InfoDev's Incubator Initiative, launched in 2002 and aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and private sector development in developing countries through the establishment of a network of incubators to facilitate the emergence and development of small and medium size Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) enterprises. Excellent and very rich site. The Incubator Toolkit is a «Must». Do not miss either the section on working papers.

National Business Incubation Association
The National Business Incubation Association provides members with the resources needed to develop and manage successful business incubators. NBIA members are incubator developers and managers; business assistance professionals, university -related research park managers, corporate joint venture partners; professional business service providers; venture capital investors; economic development professionals. Excellent site. Do not miss their resource library.

European Business and Innovation Centre Network
The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) is now the leading non-governmental pan-European network bringing together 200+ Business & Innovation Centres (BICs), and similar organisations such as incubators, innovation and entrepreneurship centres across the enlarged Europe. Excellent web site. Do not miss the Smart Guide on Innovation Based Incubators.

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Best Practices in Business Incubator Management
If business incubators are to deliver economic development benefits, then more attention needs to be paid to promoting business growth among incubator clients. This Australian report treats this issue by identifying best practice by business incubators in facilitating the development of competitive growth businesses. The report looks in-depth at eight case studies of leading business incubator programs to provide detailed appreciation of program design and incubator operations. Four of these programs are Australian and four are drawn from the United States.

UK Business Incubation
A focal point for all incubation projects in the UK, this site contains news, best practice guidelines, research and details of relevant events to help potential and existing incubators. A very good site. Do not miss the very interesting publications section where some reports are free (for members only).

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Gardner Transporation Innovations
Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI) is a charitable nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation focusing on three areas: financial literacy, saving and asset building, and entrepreneurship. A truly great site for anyone interested in self employment program and business startups or something in home improvement sector. Do not miss the publications section and the toolkits in the resources section.

ASME Guide on Business Incubators
This small guide from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) provides an overview of the different types of incubators and how they function.

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Business Incubator Development Program (BID)
The Business Incubator Development (BID) Program is a USAID funded program managed by International Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland. The BID Program is creating financial opportunities for small business growth in Ukraine by establishing incubators that will provide consulting services, access to office equipment and training, assistance in understanding the physical building space. Apart from providing general info on the program, advice on scams to watch out for, the main value of the site is the section on Technology Incubator Resources which covers several countries.

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