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Last updated June 10th 2012

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SMEToolkit Indonesia
A project of the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, the SMEToolkit Indonesia offers free business management information and training for small businesses / small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on accounting and finance, business planning, human resources (HR), marketing and sales, operations, and information technology (IT). Excellent site. Do not miss the large collection of How To articles on topics like Financial Accounting, Marketing, Technology, International Business.

Doing Business In Indonesia
Part of « Living in Indonesia, a site for Expatriates » this section offers information on setting up a new business in Indonesia. Very good site. Do not miss the section on cross-cultural understanding and the link to other useful sites.

Global Business Guide Indonesia
Global Business Guide Indonesia is an independent, freely available business intelligence source on the country. It provides an economic overview of the country as well as a look at the main sectors agriculture, education, energy, finance, manufacturing, real estate, services. Very good site which presents an excellent summary at the macro level .

Indonesia Directorate General for National Export Development
Indonesia Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED) is responsible for formulating policies and guidelines for export development, providing information on export markets, and organize export promotion activities. It provides market research, advice on export procedures, licensing requirements, and financing. It also assists exporters to participate in its regular trade exhibitions both domestic and overseas. Interesting site with a step by step tree structure. Do not miss the monthly publications on export news.

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
KADIN (Kamar Dagang dan Industry ie Chamber of Commerce) Indonesia is the umbrella organization of the Indonesian business chambers and associations. It includes 33 regional chambers and 440 district organizations and offers a strategic forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs. Interesting site which provide monthly investment and trade news. Do not miss the link to the 2012 ASEAN-EU Business Summit which includes interesting papers and recommendations.

Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board
The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) as the primary interface between business and government has the mandate not only to seek more domestic and foreign investment, but also quality investments that improve social inequality and reduce unemployment.  The agency works as a proactive advocate for investments as well as a matchmaker for investors. The site includes investment statistics as well as an investment guide.

Indonesia Business Online
A list of websites related to Business and Indonesia. Limited at this stage but quite valuable.

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