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ENTERWeb is an annotated meta-index and information clearinghouse on enterprise development, entrepreneurship, business, finance, international trade and the economy in this new age of cyberspace and globalization.The main focus is on micro, small and medium scale enterprises, cooperatives, community economic development, both in developed and developing countries. ENTERWeb lists and rates Internet resources in these areas, and complements search engines by providing shortcuts in identifying important sources of information.

Last updated January 13th 2012
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ENTERWeb will lead you quickly to QUALITY sources of information on anything related to small business, finance, international trade, entrepreneurship, enterprise development and the economy.

The primary objective of ENTERWeb is to act as an information broker which will provide to enterprise development practitioners, policy makers, academics, librarians, students, entrepreneurs and small business owners an annotated list of Internet resources giving substantive information on enterprise development topics including finance and credit, technology and technology transfer, management training, business centers and advisory services, entrepreneurship development and incubators, community economic development, credit unions and cooperatives, education and vocational training, marketing and trade, business networks and information resources, business law and cyberbusiness, enterprise development policies, economics, enterprise and environment, business news, women and enterprises, etc.
The objective is for each individual topic to identify what are the best sites on the web with regards to that particular topic and to give enough general information on each site so that one would know whether or not they should visit it.

In addition, ENTERWeb aims to provide business related information and links on a country by country basis, mostly for developing countries and emerging markets.

Sites are reviewed individually and rated mostly according to content depth and value added, while also considering design, ease of navigation and speed of loading. For each category best resources are listed first.

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