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The Economist online
The Economist online offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology. They publish all articles from print edition (including those printed only in British copies) and maintain a searchable online archive that dates back June 1997. Excellent site with enough quality content to make it compulsory reading.
Bloomberg is a New York based publisher of international business and financial news, informations and services. Some services are fee based but there is a large amount of information available for free. Although the focus is on the US it is possible to access international Bloomberg sites devoted to other countries such as Japan, Australia, Germany, France, etc. An excellent site. Do not miss the tools section (requires free registration).

Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets is a source of news, analysis and commentary on economic policy, international economics and global financial markets, with a special focus on the emerging world. You can explore the site by regions : Asia, Africa & Middle East, Americas, Emerging Europe , Global, or by topics : economics & policy, financial matters, development, news, analysis. Very good and interesting site.

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Live Radio Broadcasting
Although not directly directed to Business News, this excellent bilingual francophone site enables you to listen "LIVE" on the Internet to more than 1910 radios in 98 countries. Amazing!

Les Echos
This french daily business newspaper provides on-line information on stock markets and other economic events. Although it is necessary to subscribe to be able to access the full data base, the amount of information freely available is quite important. A very good site. Do not miss the "training" section.

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
This public section of the interactive online edition presents major business news from the US, Europe and Asia, summary of stock quotes, selected articles from the Wall Street Journal and recent special reports as well as a four weeks free trial subscription to the full edition.

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CNNfn World Business Today
From the CNN network this site provides in a nutshell a summary of major business news for Europe, Asia as well as US ,world and emerging markets.

Euromoney magazine
Euromoney one of the leading financial magazine worldwide has developed Euromoney Online to offer a sophisticated source of business and financial information on the world wide web. The entire editorial content of the magazine is available for free but you have to subscribe to see the complete content. Do not miss the section on research guides.

Internet journals & newspapers in business & economics
From the University of Berkeley in California an interesting listing of Internet ressources with an emphasis on economics. Do not miss the Lippincott Library of the university of Pennsylvania and the section on business magazines.

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Latin America
Newspapers Online
This site's objective is to provide a tool for referencing the world's newspapers who have a presence on the web. The list of countries is impressive and so are the results. Unfortunately it seems the domain name is now for sale. In the meanttime let's enjoy the results.

Business Week Online
This online edition of BusinessWeek magazine presents weekly news and articles related to business worldwide. Although not all information is available to non subscribers there is quite an amount of free information. I particularly liked the section on global business which presents information on Asia, Europe and Latin America.

AJR Newslinks
Index for all online newspapers, magazines, journals and broadcasts. Provides links to newspapers from all over the world. Unfortunately seems to now include a large number of dead links.

The on-line version of the monthly french business magazine "l'Expansion" provides access to selected articles and news. Interesting but the articles are rather short and lack depth of analysis.

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