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Competitive intelligence and strategic intelligence

With the advent of globalization, lowering production costs and increasing productivity and enterprise competitiveness have become a must in the new information society. Knowledge is now increasingly considered a key corporate asset that enables enterprises to maintain their market competitiveness. The concepts of competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence, economic intelligence, business intelligence are becoming increasingly important in our knowledge based society. This page provides a guide to the best sites on competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence, economic intelligence and business intelligence.

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Guide on Competitive intelligence
This excellent guide on competitive intelligence developed by Industry Canada proposes an action plan which will help a company become a stronger competitor in the present e-business environment. Do not miss the section on resources.

CI Resource Index
The Competitive Intelligence Resource Index is a search engine and an annotated meta index on competitive intelligence. The index is divided in eight categories (associations, books, companies, documentation, education, jobs, publications and software) and includes 1961 sites directly related to competitive intelligence. Excellent site. represents the first on line community on economic and strategic intelligence. The site includes a directory on economic intelligence and strategic watch, a guide on search tools and search agents, discussion lists, etc. The directory is particularly rich and interesting.

Intelligence Center
Intelligence Center is a French website providing both an overview and the latest news on the various tools for searching information on the net with a particular focus on strategic and economic intelligence online and on exploiting the Invisible Web for competitive intelligence. Excellent and very rich site which also leads to other interesting resources (in English). Do not miss the Best Practices Guide on Economic Intelligence (in French only).

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Portail de l'Intelligence Économique
This French portal on economic and strategic intelligence is at the interface of the worlds of competitive intelligence, enterprise and research. Its objective is to inform as well as promote exchanges between those three worlds. Very interesting site (unfortunately only in French) which also include sections on sectoral and geographical news. Do not miss the document "Economic Intelligence: a practical guide for SMEs" and the Manual of Economic Intelligence.
Describing itself as the "Premier News and Business Intelligence Portal" this site is a well known and reputed resource for Business Technology Management and Knowledge Management. The section on latest news and business intelligence is quite interesting.

Super Searchers on Competitive Intelligence
This meta index includes 261 referenced sites useful for the competitive intelligence researcher

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Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals
The Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) is a global nonprofit membership organization for everyone involved in creating and managing business knowledge. Its mission is to enhance the skills of knowledge professionals in order to help their companies achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Quite interesting site but most of the information is available only to members. Do not miss the other CI Resources which are free but rather limited in scope.

International Association of Strategic Management
The International Association of Strategic Management is a francophone professional association whose members are researchers in management, strategy and organization. Its mission is to promote research on strategic management, disseminate information and help its members in their professional development. Very rich and interesting site although not directly focused on competitive intelligence or strategic intelligence. However its focus on strategic management makes it very relevant.

Intelligence Online
Intelligence Online describes itself as the first system of political and economic intelligence. It deciphers all influence-bringing activities around the world whether they originate from lobbying groups, intelligence services, or economic intelligence units, and it evaluates emerging risks around the world (terrorism, proliferation, organised crime, money laundering, political instability). Potentially interesting but one has to pay to access the information

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