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Last updated May 8th 2012

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Invest in Taiwan
The Department of Investment Services within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is charged with the promotion of foreign investment in Taiwan, the encouragement of Taiwanese business to return from overseas and invest in Taiwan, the guidance of domestic enterprises in investing overseas, and the recruitment of foreign talent. Excellent site which covers all the areas important for making foreign investment decisions. Do not miss the excellent brochures «Investment climate in Taiwan» and «The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan».

Ministry of Economic Affairs
As the agency in charge of administering the national economy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) implements various economic policies and measures to help local industries and fosterTaiwan's economic development. Very good site which provides information on policies, economic statistics, trade regulations, etc. Do not miss the business guide and the information for foreigners.

Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise Administration
The goal of the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration is to enhance the overall competitiveness of Taiwanese industry by creating an environment beneficial to entrepreneurial activity, and helping new start-ups to become a new source of motive power for Taiwan's economic development. Very good and interesting site which explains well the government policy and programmes. Do not miss the White paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan, 2011(in english) which can be downloaded.

Taiwan Today
Taiwan Today is the nation's premier Internet-based news outlet, providing comprehensive coverage Monday through Friday of the latest business, cultural and political developments. Very good site. Do not miss the section «Taiwan in depth»

Taiwan Stock Exchange
The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) works with the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), to deregulate and liberalize Taiwan's stock market, and gears itself up more in line with major international market.

Taiwan Government Information Office
The Department of International Information disseminates information about the ROC internationally. Their website provides very interesting general information on Taiwan. Do not miss the Republic of China Yearbook 2011.

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