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Technology Development and Technology Transfer

Research and technology development, technological innovation, and technology transfer and licensing are often central to the competitiveness of an enterprise.This page lists and rates electronic resources related to innovation and technology transfer including the issue of appropriate technologies.

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Sites are reviewed individually and rated mostly according to content depth and value added, while also considering design, ease of navigation and speed of loading. For each category best resources are listed first.

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Practical Action
Practical Action, formerly known as Intermediate Technology Development Group Ltd (ITDG), is a British registered charity which uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries. The objective is to enable poor people to develop and use skills and technologies which give them more control over their lives and which contribute to the sustainable development of their communities. Excellent and extremely rich site. The Practical Answers section includes a knowledge bank of technologies with corresponding manuals so that you can take them and replicate them. The Document Library section is exceptional as well as it demonstrates practice and learning in all areas of development. Do not miss the Schools section which is quite interesting.

UNCTAD Science and Technology for Development Network
The Science and Technology for Development Network (STDev) is designed as a gateway to information on science and technology within the United Nations system. One of its objectives is identify and disseminate information on best practices in the development assessment, transfer, adaptation and diffusion of technology. Very good and rich site which contains important information but which is in a way also representative of the complexity of the UN system. Of particular interest in the Thematic Issues section is the list of key documents related to Technology Transfer.

Évariste Innovation Plus
EVARISTE (Etude et Valorisation des Activités de Recherche et d'Innovation Scientifique et Technique pour les Entreprises) is an official WWW site of the French Ministry of Industry, focused on innovation and technology transfer. It is designed to become a fully operational market place. It works as a starting point giving access to a series of other WWW sites and databases with lists of public and private research centers, especially in France.

WWW Appropriate Technology Resources
A great list of links on Appropriate Technology

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Working Group on Development Techniques(WOT)
The Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT ), is a Dutch student association at the University of Twente which is involved in developing technical applications for developing countries. Interesting but limited site. Its main value added is the «Knowledge Center» where construction manuals can be downloaded. Do not miss the Rope Pump construction manual.

Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok
According to its mission, AIT will take a leadership role in the promotion of technological change and its management for sustainable development in the Asia and Pacific Region, through high-level education, research and outreach activities which integrate technology, planning and management. The focus of the Institute's activities is in technology, with special emphasis on the interdisciplinary interface among the above three fields, and will include attention to environmental and socio-economic considerations. Interestinng site but somewhat limited. Nevertheless, do not miss the annual research report.

The Asian Alliance of Appropriate Technology Practitioners, Inc. (APPROTECH ASIA) is a regional appropriate technology service mechanism for Asia committed to collective sharing and responsibility with concern for sustainable development through utilizing, indigenizing, and safeguarding resources towards the improvement of the quality of life of the common people and the community at large.

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