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Visitors to a website, especially the newcomers, always wonder how good and popular this site is, how many people have visited it and from what countries they come from. This page attempts to provide some limited answers to those questions.

Last updated January 13th 2012

Although there has been for quite a while a counter on the main entry page the number produced were grossly underestimated as they did not include the entries on the french main page, nor did they include initial entries through subtopics page (often identified through search engines). Statistics produced from the server hosting the ENTERWeb site (which by the way is in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) now indicate the following

From the opening of the ENTERWeb virtual server (end of July 97) to August 1st 98, 109,095 pages have been viewed, which corresponds to roughly 29/30,000 visitors for the first year of operation as a virtual server.

Since January 1st 1998 till December 31st 1998 163,017 pages have been viewed, which corresponds to roughly 40,000 visitors for the year 1998.

Since March 1998 the monthly number of visitors have been above the 3,000 mark and steadily increasing reaching 6,600 in March 1999

Year 2000 saw a big increase of visitors which totalled 130,000

In October 2004 the monthly number of visitors has reached 27,300

In 2010 The daily number of visitors was 1,000 on average

In mid October 2011, following a Google algorithm change aimed at downgrading low quality sites, the number of daily visits dropped by more than half to about 400/day. It would appear that ENTERWeb suffered from being an intermediate site sending people to high quality sites.

More than 25% of visitors come from the United States, followed by Canada (10%), France (8%), Australia, India, UK, Morocco, Philippines, China, etc.

Most popular pages are business ethics, entrepreneurship, knowledge economy, microfinance, markets, globalisation, community development.

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the other sections of ENTERWeb by clicking on the Menu on the left. You will then be able to visit the most popular sections such as Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Knowledge Economy, Globalization, Women and also the new sections on Social Media and Culture and Business.
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