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Last updated May 19th 2013

The description and corresponding commentaries given below on the last new sites added, are intended to provide you with a feel and hopefully an interest for the value added offered by ENTERWeb which directs you to QUALITY sources of information and knowledge in areas related to small business, finance, international trade, entrepreneurship, enterprise development and the economy. To directly access the new sites which interest you, just click on the corresponding topic on the right and look for the site itself in the topic page which subsequently opened .

May 2013

Added "Fimarkets" (Finance)

The objective of Fimarkets is to explain in concrete terms how capital financial markets function drawing on the experiences of actors in the financial markets and corporate finance fields. The purpose of the site is not to discuss the whys and wherefores of financial markets or their beneficial or harmful role, but to focus on "how" aspects: who are the players, how do they interact, the financial products that are traded, and the functions that they provide. Very interesting site.

December 2012

Added "Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Student's Survey" (Entrepreneurship)

The Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Student's Survey (GUESS) is a research project about the context of Entrepreneurship. Its purpose is to grasp the entrepreneurial intent and activity of students using a geographical and temporal comparison. The project under the leadership of the Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of St. Gallen issues international reports (2011, 2008) and national reports for more than 20 countries. Very interesting reports particularly the national reports which highlight the importance of the entrepreneurial cultural acceptance within the various country educational systems.

Added "Lester Center for Entrepreneurship" (Entrepreneurship)

The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship is the primary locus at Berkeley for the study and promotion of entrepreneurship and new enterprise development. Their site includes the Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum and a section on Entrepreneurial Best Practice Studies. Interesting site. Do not miss the Intel Global Challenge where the best engineers and scientists present how they plan to make the world a better place through their innovations and entrepreneurial skills.

Updated "Globalization 101" (Globalization)

Globalization 101 is an Internet site dedicated to providing students information and learning opportunities on globalization. The site, managed by the Levin Institute, aims to stimulate the thinking about many of the controversies surrounding globalization and to promote an understanding of the trade-offs and dilemmas facing policy-makers. It also hopes to serve as an informative and engaging space for those interested in learning more about changes in the international economy. Very good starting point for those interested in globalization. The site attempts to present a balanced view, presenting arguments for and against globalization.

Updated "MBA Online" (Education & Training)

The MBA Online site basicallly presents a list of the best MBA Online programs in the US. Rather than the list itself, the best features of the site are in my view the MBA guide which takes you through the rationale and justification for taking such a step in education, and the section on courses where they handpicked the most engaging articles on business and created individual courses for self teaching. Divided into ten main chapters: Company Culture, Entrepreneurship, Failure, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing & Branding, Product & Design, Productivity, Social Media, Startups, this section helps you learn about the business world in a method easilly digestible, using blog posts as citations. Very good and interesting section with a refreshing and unorthodox approach to the subject. I personnaly would like to suggest that they include additional chapters on Management and Finance.

November 2012

Added "China Law Blog" (China)

A blog discussing the practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business particularly small and medium size businesses. The objective is to assist businesses already in China or planning to go into China. Very interesting site. Do not miss the links to other sites / blogs on China.

Added "" (Economics)

This is a reference site for students and anyone with an interest in the subject of economics. It offers information related to degree programs, courses, colleges and universities, and possible career options in the field. It also lists the top 100 sites (mostly blogs) for Enlightened Economists. Excellent site even though the focus is mostly on the US and Canada.

August 2012

Added "Brookings Institution" (Business Research)

Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Their mission is to conduct high-quality, independent research in the social sciences, primarily in economics, metropolitan policy, governance, foreign policy, and global economy and development. It is consistently ranked as the most influential, most quoted and most trusted think tank in the US. Very good site. Do not miss the Initiative on Business and Public Policy which provides analytical research and constructive recommendations on public policy issues affecting the business sector

Added "Vernimmen" (Finance)

In addition to being the name of a a corporate finance textbook which aims to cover the full scope of corporate finance as it is practiced today worldwide, the Vernimmen is an excellent reference site for learning the principles of the financial markets and their practical application. It not only includes extensive summaries of the book chapters, but also a monthly newsletter and a very rich and very useful glossary.

July 2012

Added "Portail de l'Intelligence Économique" (Competitive intelligence)

This French portal on economic and strategic intelligence is at the interface of the worlds of competitive intelligence, enterprise and research. Its objective is to inform as well as promote exchanges between those three worlds. Very interesting site (unfortunately only in French) which also include sections on sectoral and geographical news. Do not miss the document "Economic Intelligence: a practical guide for SMEs" and the Manual of Economic Intelligence.

Added "Intelligence Center" (Competitive intelligence)

Intelligence Center is a French website providing both an overview and the latest news on the various tools for searching information on the net with a particular focus on strategic and economic intelligence online and on exploiting the Invisible Web for competitive intelligence. Excellent and very rich site which also leads to other interesting resources (in English). Do not miss the Best Practices Guide on Economic Intelligence (in French only).

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the other sections of ENTERWeb by clicking on the Menu on the left. You will then be able to visit the most popular sections such as Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Knowledge Economy, Globalization, Women and also the new sections on Social Media and Culture and Business.
Added "World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises" (Business Networks)

The World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) is a global non-governmental organization headquartered at Noida, India. Unfortunately their website does not provide any information on how wide and representative their membership base is. They issue an interesting bi-monthly newsletter "World SME News" (last issue May July 2010) and also an SME e-bulletin (last issue January 2011). It should be noted that the 18th WASME Conference will be held in November 2012 in Accra, Ghana under the theme: "Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship".

Added "Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship" (Entrepreneurship)

A social entrepreneur drives social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development, and similar to a business entrepreneur, builds strong and sustainable organizations, which are either set up as not-for-profit or for-profit companies. Interesting site. Do not miss the publications section and more particularly the Social Investment Manual.

Added "Babson College" (Entrepreneurship)

Babson College defines itself as the educator for entrepreneurship of all kinds and was the first to understand that thinking and acting entrepreneurially is more than just an inclination. They invented the methodology for entrepreneurship education nearly half a century ago. Excellent and very rich site with the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership. Do not miss the Horn Library and its sections on Frontiers of Entrepreneurial Research and the STEP project for Family Enterprising.

Added "International Chamber of Commerce" (Markets)

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) provides a forum for businesses and other organizations to examine and better comprehend the nature and significance of the major shifts taking place in the world economy. ICC also develops global business policy views on key issues that affect the ability of companies to trade and invest across borders and to meet the challenges and opportunities of globalization. Excellent site. In addition to the ICC Bookstore where you can purchase publications the site includes an online Document Center where guides, reports, discussion papers can be downloaded, free of charge. Do not miss the Intellectual Property Roadmap.

June 2012

Added "Institute for Cultural Diplomacy" (Culture and Business)

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with the objective to promote global peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels. The ICD believes that inter- and intra-cultural relations can be strengthened and maintained through dialogue. This, in turn, leads to a better understanding and greater trust between cultures, prevent misunderstanding, improve communication and cooperation. Very interesting site. Do not miss the publications in the research section.

Added "MBA Online" (Education & Training)

Divided into ten main chapters: Company Culture, Entrepreneurship, Failure, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing & Branding, Product & Design, Productivity, Social Media, Startups, the MBA Online's objective is to help you learn about the business world in a method easilly digestible, using blog posts as citations. Very good and interesting site with a refreshing and unorthodox approach to the subject. I personnaly would like to suggest that they include additional chapters on Management and Finance.

Added "ASEAN-Japan Centre" (Japan)

The ASEAN Promotion Centre on Trade, Investment and Tourism (ASEAN-Japan Centre) has been promoting exports from ASEAN to Japan while revitalizing investment and tourism from Japan to ASEAN. Very good and Interesting site which provides basic economic data on ASEAN countries as well as data on trade and investment. Do not miss the Marketing Guide for ASEAN Exporters to Japan.

Added "Dynamic Business" (Australia)

Dynamic Business is an online resource dedicated to providing entrepreneurs and small to medium business with the latest information on how to start, manage and grow a business. Very good site with an unconventional but interesting structure : Blogs, Community, Entrepreneur, Cash Flow, Social Media, Staff, Technology, Resources. Do not miss the Small Business Toolkit where you can download interesting eBooks, podcasts and whitepapers.

Added "Business Grants Australia" (Australia)

Business Grants Australia is an independant research centre providing business owners with the information needed to seek, prepare and successfully apply for Australian government business funding. Apart from saying that using Business Grants Australia is the most time and cost effective way to source the information necessary to apply for a grant there is no indication of the cost involved in the service provided.

Added "" (Thailand ) is the official Thailand B2B E-Marketplace established by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce (MOC) Thailand. Its mission is to expand markets for Thai products and services. In addition to be structured like a classic B2B marketplace with buyers and sellers establishing contact, the site includes a Thai Exporters Directory. Very good site. Do not miss the section on Useful Articles and also the publication "Thailand: The Golden Trade Opportunity".

Added "Philippines Chamber of Commerce and Industry" (Philippines)

The Philippines Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) is the voice of Philippine business recognized by government and international institutions. Its main responsibility is to provide focused advocacy for business growth and sustainable development by providing business services for the advancement of grassroots entrepreneurships, chamber development, international trade relations, business innovation and excellence, and operating efficiency. Very good site which provides regular Business and Economic news. Do not miss the Magna Carta for MSMES which is the national policy for micro, small and medium enterprises.

Added "Korea International Trade Association" (Korea)

The Korea International Trade Association(KITA) is currently the largest business organization in Korea with over 71,000 member companies. With a network of 11 domestic offices and 8 overseas branches in major cities, KITA is assisting SMEs in gaining foreign market entry and has actively contributed towards Korea's recent achievement of 1 trillion dollars in trade volume. Interesting site providing trade related news and statistics. Do not miss What's the latest in the Korean economy ?

Added "Singapore Business Federation" (Singapore)

The Singapore Business Federation is the apex business chamber that champions the interests of the Singapore business community in trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents more than 18,000 companies as well as the local and foreign business chambers and key national and industry associations from business sectors that contribute significantly to the Singapore economy. Very interesting site particularly the section leading to business guidelines and policy updates. Do not miss Business Quotient the Singapore Business Federation's magazine.

Added "Indonesia Directorate General for National Export Development" (Indonesia)

Indonesia Directorate General for National Export Development (DGNED) is responsible for formulating policies and guidelines for export development, providing information on export markets, and organize export promotion activities. It provides market research, advice on export procedures, licensing requirements, and financing. It also assists exporters to participate in its regular trade exhibitions both domestic and overseas. Interesting site with a step by step tree structure. Do not miss the monthly publications on export news.

Added "Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry" (Indonesia)

KADIN (Kamar Dagang dan Industry ie Chamber of Commerce) Indonesia is the umbrella organization of the Indonesian business chambers and associations. It includes 33 regional chambers and 440 district organizations and offers a strategic forum for Indonesian entrepreneurs. Interesting site which provide monthly investment and trade news. Do not miss the link to the 2012 ASEAN-EU Business Summit which includes interesting papers and recommendations.

Added "Malaysia Productivity Corporation" (Malaysia)

The Malaysia Productivity Corporation's vision is to be the leading organisation in productivity enhancement for global competitiveness and innovation.This direction is reflected in the newly set up five department model which focuses on drivers for higher productivity growth : Regulatory Review, Enterprise Innovation, Knowledge Management, Business Excellence and Global Competitiveness. Very good and clearly structured site. Do not miss the Productivity Report 2011-2012 and also the Business Excellence and Regulatory Review Handbooks.

Added "Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation" (Malaysia)

The Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) is the national trade promotion agency of Malaysia with the mission to develop and promote Malaysia's exports to the world. Their website is divided into three sections : For Malaysian Exporters, For Foreign Buyers and About MATRADE.Available in seven languages (including english and spanish) it is an excellent and visually appealing site. Do not miss the Beginner's Guide to Exporting and the Malaysia Products Directory.

Added "Vietnam Business Forum" (Vietnam)

The Vietnam Business Forum (VIB Forum) is published by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) with the objective of promoting trade and investment. It covers the latest information about current affairs, government economic policies and business activities; focuses on specific key industries and regions; and is a forum for information exchange between the Government and the business community and among enterprises. Excellent site.

Added "Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency" (Vietnam)

The Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) is a governmental organization responsible for trade and investment promotion. Their website has sections on Invest in Vietnam, Buy from Vietnam, Vietnam Industry Snapshots,and Vietnam Key Economic Regions. Interesting site. Do not miss the Vietrade publications.

Added "InvestHK" (China)

InvestHK's vision is to strengthen Hong Kong's status as the leading international business location in Asia. Their mission is to attract and retain foreign direct investment which is of strategic importance to the economic development of Hong Kong. They offer free advice and services to support companies from the planning stage right through to the launch and expansion of their business. Very good and well organized website with two main sections : why choose Hong-Kong ? and how to set up a business in Hong-Kong ? Do not miss the section on publications.

Added "Australia Business Financing Centre" (Australia)

The Australia Business Financing Centre is a private for profit research and publishing organization which offers information and advice regarding business funding from all levels of government. It provides the necessary information needed by small businesses to prepare and successfully apply for government grants and loans. Interesting site even though it does not provide full details on their fee structure apart from indicating that their searchable online database of government grants and loans is available at a cost of $651 per year. Do not miss the section on business tips.

May 2012

Added "Council of Small Business Australia" (Australia)

The Council of Small Business Australia (COSBOA) is an advocacy body promoting and supporting the interest of small businesses since 1979. Interesting site particularly the sections on Policy and the section on getting a business on line. However it is not clear how truly representative of small business this association is as there is no mention anywhere in their site of their overall membership.

Added "SME Association of Australia" (Australia)

The SME Association of Australia (SMEAA) is a very recent not-for-profit association representing Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs) which was launched in October 2011. The association recognises that there are about 2 million small businesses in Australia representing more than 95 % of all businesses. The objective of the association is to create a one stop platform which will assist members to connect, grow and prosper in their businesses. Interesting but somewhat limited site which is somewhat expected in view of its recent creation date. The most interesting part is the publications section with a link to the MyBusiness magazine which is the official publication of the SME Association of Australia.

Added "myfuture" (Australia)

myfuture is Australia's national career information and exploration service, helping people to make career decisions, plan career pathways and manage work transitions. Although not directly focused on self-employment and small business, this exceptional site includes in the Work and Employment area a section on Enterprise and Young People and a section on Enterprise and Small Business. and in the Education and Training area there is a section on setting up your own small business. Do not miss either the section on Employability Skills which are required to gain employment or establish an entreprise.

Added "Sydney Morning Herald MySmallBusiness" (Australia)

From one of the largest Australian daily newspaper, this subsite of the Sydney Morning Herald focuses on Small Business and has sections on Start Up, Growing, Managing, Franchising, Trends, Entrepreneur, Marketing, Finance, Tech, Resources, Blogs. Very good and interesting site although a bit overwhelming in terms of number of sections and articles provided. Do not miss the Resources section.

Added "Australian Businesswomen's Network" (Australia)

The Australian Businesswomen's Network (ABN) is a national community of nearly 20,000 like-minded businesswomen who want to grow their business, enrich their knowledge and expand their network. Their members participate in web-based training, mentoring, virtual networking events, publications, a business directory, website and business forums. Very good, well organized and interesting site. Do not miss the free e-books and the podcasts.

Added "Enterprise Connect" (Australia)

Enterprise Connect is an Australian Government initiative backed by industry that offers comprehensive advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium businesses to help them transform and reach their full potential. The services are delivered through a network of 12 centres located across the country. Very good and interesting site which is an other example of the extensive efforts put by the Australian government to support their SMEs. Do not miss the publications section and more particularly the very interesting report "Management matters in Australia : just how productive are we ?".

Added "Flying Solo" (Australia)

Flying Solo, Australia's solo and microbusiness community claims that they have over 46,000 members and are therefore representative of the microenterprise sector in the country. This community website offers a free directory, a community forum, and 1,400+ articles providing advice in a variety of topics, from start up, marketing and technical issues to finance and government assistance. Very good and interesting site. Do not miss the survey report "Understanding Micro Business 2010-2011".

Added "BEC Australia" (Australia)

BEC Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose primary role is to support and grow the national network of Business Enterprise Centres that are recognised as the first and best point of contact for small business operators seeking quality business information, advice and guidance. Excellent and very well organised site, Do not miss the sections on How-To-Guides and Business Topics.

Added "" (Australia)

This website is designed as a resource for small business and community organisations that want to learn more about the benefits of an online presence and how to go about developing one. It comprises five building blocks for e-business: Establish an online presence, Get started in e-business, Already online, Increase productivity with online tools, Start at the beginning : what is digital business. Excellent site, extremely well done and very useful even if you are not from Australia. Do not miss the case studies.

Added "" (Australia) defines itself as the Australian Government's principal business ressource offering simple and convenient access to all the government information, forms and services needed and providing essential information on planning, starting and growing a business. Excellent site with information on Thinking of starting a business, Starting a business, Growing a business and Exiting a business. Do not miss the section on other languages (25 languages).

Added "Small Business NSW" (Australia)

This is the New South Wales Government information website for people starting, running or growing a small business. Excellent site which provides details on ressources and programs for small businesses. Do not miss the free Small Business Tool Kit including quizzes, checklists, audio visual guides and interactive planning tools to help your business start, run, and grow.

Added "Asia Society" (Asia Regional)

The Asia Society is a national nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context. The site is divided in six main sections : Arts, Education, Policy, Business, Countries, Lifestyle. Excellent site which contains extremely interesting articles. Do not miss the publications subsection within the Policy section.

Added "Federation of Korean Industries" (Korea)

The Federation of Korean Industries consists of Korea's major conglomerates and associated members. The main objectives of the organization are to help promote sound economic policies, and to internationalize the economy to further enhance the free market economic system and the development of the nation. Of interest is the monthly Business Survey Index in the publications section.

Added "BizChinaNow" (China)

The website BizChinaNow has been created by the China Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) which, under the overall supervision of the Ministry of Commerce, has the responsibility of organizing and implementing the foreign investment promotion strategy, and of planning and organizing large investment promotion activities at home and abroad. Very interesting site which unfortunately appears to be at times plagued by some pages not loading up properly beyond the title page.

Added "Invest in China" (China)

Invest in China is a public service project of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) which aims to attract foreign direct investment and domestic investors for investing in China or abroad. It provides information on: policies and laws, industry developments, investment administration, FDI statistics, investment institution, investment services, FDI invitation projects, multinational investment and news, etc. Very good and interesting site although the navigation throughout the site can be somewhat confusing at times. In that respect do not miss the Navigation subsection within the Site Map section.

Added "Asia News Network" (Asia Regional)

The Asia News Network (ANN) is a network of national daily newspapers published in Asian cities, organized to provide avenues for cooperation and to optimize coverage of major news events in the region. Very good site providing a mixture of political and business views. Do not miss the section on «Views» which contains editorials from different asian countries.

Added "Asia-Europe Meeting" (Asia Regional)

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is an informal process of dialogue and cooperation bringing together the 27 European Union Member States and the European Commission with 19 Asian countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. The ASEM summits discussions include an economic pillar focusing on globalization and sustainable development. Of particular interest is the Asia-Europe Business Forum (AEBF) which is an annual meeting where the private and public sectors meet to exchange views, network and debate issues in specific working groups. Unfortunately the website structure does not make it particularly easy to locate any potentially interesting information as there is no heading for economic / business related issues.

Added "National Economic and Social Development Board" (Thailand )

Under the office of the Prime Minister, the National Economic and Social Development Board is responsible for formulating development strategies at the national level and more particularly the five-year National Economic and Social Development Plan. In addition to a summary of the 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan 2011-2016 the site provides interesting quaterly reports on social development and on the economic performance of the country.

Added "Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development" (Thailand )

The Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ISMED) aims to develop existing SME entrepreneurs as well as creating new SME entrepreneurs and enhancing their competitiveness through training, seminars, business counselling, research and networking. In its english version the website only presents a general description of the various services offered.

Added "Bank of Thailand" (Thailand )

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has the responsibility for all central banking functions. Their website has sections on Monetary Policy, Financial Institutions, Financial Markets, Payment Systems and Statistics. Excellent and very rich site. Do not miss the section on Economics conditions and the Quaterly Business Report.

Added "Thailand Development Research Institute" (Thailand )

The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) is a private non-profit foundation which was established as a public policy research institute. It provides technical analysis (mostly but not entirely in economic areas) to various public agencies to help formulate policies to support long-term economic and social development in Thailand. The most interesting section is the research and publications section particularly for financial related topics even though the last research documents are somewhat dated (2006). Do not miss either the TDRI Quaterly Review.

Added "Office of SMEs Promotion Thailand" (Thailand )

The Office of SMEs Promotion (OSMEP) was established with the main responsibility of developing a policy and a plan for SMEs promotion. Very good site which contains a lot of interesting information. Do not miss the report on the 2nd SMEs Promotion Plan (2007-2011) and the White Paper on SMEs (2010-2011) which not only includes a report on the SME situation and a survey on microentreprises, but also an overview of the new directions for the period 2012-2016.

Added "SME Bank Thailand" (Thailand )

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand or SME Bank has the mandate to conduct business with the aim of developing, promoting and assisting small and medium enterprises to start-up expand or improve their businesses by providing loans, guarantees, venture capital, counseling and other necessary services. The most interesting parts of the site are the section on definition of SMEs and the section on products and services which provides details on the various loan products available.

Added "NUS Entrepreneurship Centre" (Singapore)

The NUS Entrepreneurship Centre (NEC) from the National University of Singapore aims to nurture entrepreneurial learning and venture creation, and to advance knowledge in the policy and practice of technology venturing in Singapore and beyond. The most interesting part of the site is the section on Research particularly the Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students' Survey (GUESSS) reports which aim to identify the role and impact of personality-oriented characteristics and university influences on the founding processes and intentions of collegiate entrepreneurs.

Added "Ministry of Trade and Industry Singapore" (Singapore)

The objective of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) is to promote economic growth and create jobs as to achieve higher standard of living for all within a general philosophy of economic management: strong adherence to a free market economic system, and active pursuit of outward-oriented economic policies. Very good and interesting site with an excellent publications section particularly as it relates to economics. Do not miss the section on economics history which explains the rationale behind the various economics strategies adopted by the government.

Added "China SME Online" (China)

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, the objective of China SME Online is to promote and support the healthy development of SMEs and non-state-owned firms and to become the service platform for SME online trade and commercial activities. Excellent site which provides a lot of interesting news and informations. Do not miss the section on regulations on SME categories which may differ from other countries. For example large SMEs in the construction sector shoul have less than 3,000 employees, medium SMEs more than 600, the rest being classified as small enterprises.

Added "Invest in the Philippines" (Philippines)

Invest in the Philippines has been published by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas in order to put together information to help assess prospects for investing and doing business, particularly in small to medium scale enterprises. The compendium is meant to serve as a source of general information in knowing where investment and business potentials exist, leaving the prospective investors to further examine prospects, before deciding where their capital should go into. Most of the information is provided as pdf documents. Interesting and useful.

Added "Go Negosyo" (Philippines)

Go Negosyo is the advocacy arm of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-stock, non-profit organization that advocates for a change in mindset and attitude. Through their actions Go Negosyo hopes to demystify entrepreneurial success and popularize entrepreneurship as an alternative to unemployment. Very good and useful site particularly the section «Learn» and the section «Watch» with interesting videos (in a mix of Tagalog and English). Do not miss the «Do you want to go into business» handbook.

Added "Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation" (Philippines)

The Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation (SERDEF) was founded to assist in the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises in the country, and complement what its partner the UP Institute for Small Scale Industries, is doing for the small business community. Although it describes itself as a «resource hub for mSMEs» this is a rather limited site in terms of content with the exception of a number of interesting articles.

Added "Institute for Small Scale Industries" (Philippines)

The Institute for Small-Scale Industries at the University of the Philippines was established to assist and promote the development and growth of the small scale industrial sector in the Philippines. Originally set up as the training institute for the Philippine small industries, it gradually built up its capabilities and expanded its activities to include research, extension, and information programs. Its focus is not only on small scale industries but now includes the full range of micro,small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Excellent and very rich site which takes full advantage of e-documents. Do not miss the Magna Carta for MSMEs, the LEAP 2012 conference proceedings and the e-book store at very reasonable prices.

Added "World Bank - Pakistan" (Pakistan)

This site from the World Bank Group provides an overview of Pakistan seen from the Bank's perspective in terms of data & statistics, analysis, programs and projects, and publications and reports. Very good site.

Added "Pakistan Institute of Development Economics" (Pakistan)

The Pakistan Institute of Development Economics was established as an autonomous research organization by the Government of Pakistan. It is devoted to theoretical and empirical research in Development Economics in general and on Pakistan-related economic issues in particular. Very good and interesting site. The Working Papers section is particularly rich and interesting with numerous papers related to the poverty situation in Pakistan. Do not miss either the PIDE Business Barometer and the macroeconomic briefs.

Added "SME Business Support Fund" (Pakistan)

SME Business Support Fund (BSF) is a "Not for Profit Company" created to assist both SMEs as well as Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs). Its objectives are to assist in the improvement of the competitiveness of SMEs and to enhance the revenue generating capacity and profitability of emerging businesses. BSF has the mission to make SMEs competitive and sustainable through innovation and efficiency. Aside from giving a description of the different programmes, the site does not offer much value added with the exception of a few tips for starting your own business.

Added "Invest in Taiwan" (Taiwan)

The Department of Investment Services within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is charged with the promotion of foreign investment in Taiwan, the encouragement of Taiwanese business to return from overseas and invest in Taiwan, the guidance of domestic enterprises in investing overseas, and the recruitment of foreign talent. Excellent site which covers all the areas important for making foreign investment decisions. Do not miss the excellent brochures «Investment climate in Taiwan» and «The Handy Guide for Foreigners in Taiwan».

Added "Taiwan Today" (Taiwan)

Taiwan Today is the nation's premier Internet-based news outlet, providing comprehensive coverage Monday through Friday of the latest business, cultural and political developments. Very good site. Do not miss the section «Taiwan in depth».

Added "Ministry of Economic Affairs" (Taiwan)

As the agency in charge of administering the national economy, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) implements various economic policies and measures to help local industries and fosterTaiwan's economic development. Very good site which provides information on policies, economic statistics, trade regulations, etc. Do not miss the business guide and the information for foreigners.

Added "Enterprise Europe Network" (Europe General & Western Europe)

The Enterprise Europe Network brings together business support organisations from across 49 countries. Its mission is to help small companies make the most of the business opportunities in the European Union. The network provides a wide range of free advice through contact points located in each european country. Do not miss the publication section and the brochure «Your Business is Our Business».

Added "Small Enterprise Development Agency" (South Africa)

The Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) is an agency of the South African Department of Trade and Industry. Its mission is to develop, support and promote small enterprises throughout the country, ensuring their growth and sustainability. Excellent site. Do not miss the «My Business» section which includes «Start, Build and Grow» advisory / training packages. The publications section is also very interesting.

Added "Ministry of Knowledge Economy" (Korea)

Different from other economic models which rely primarily on natural resources or manpower, knowledge will be the primary engine of productivity and growth for the Korean economy. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy is an integration of former Ministries of Commerce, Industry and Energy; Information and Communication; and Science and Technology. Very good site for anyone interested in understanding the "Korean miracle".

Added "Small and Medium Business Corporation" (Korea)

The Small and Medium Business Corporation (SBC) is a non-profit, government-funded organization established to implement government policies and programs for the sound growth and development of Korean SMEs. To achieve its purpose, SBC operates financial and non-financial programs for SMEs. Through financial programs, SBC provides financing for SMEs to expand operations, develop new products and convert their business structures. With non-financial programs including consulting, training, marketing and global cooperation programs, SBC supports SMEs to enhance their global competitiveness. Do not miss their very good brochure.

Added "SME Support, JAPAN" (Japan)

The Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (SME Support, JAPAN) is an independent administrative agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Its mission is to strengthen SMEs that support the Japanese economy as well as to enrich local economies. The English version of the site only provides general information on their activities and institutional support network.

Added "Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board" (Indonesia)

The Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) as the primary interface between business and government has the mandate not only to seek more domestic and foreign investment, but also quality investments that improve social inequality and reduce unemployment.  The agency works as a proactive advocate for investments as well as a matchmaker for investors. The site includes investment statistics as well as an investment guide.

Added "Malaysian Investment Development Authority" (Malaysia)

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) is the government's principal agency for the promotion of the manufacturing and services sectors in Malaysia. Of interest is the publications section particularly the brochure «Malaysia: Costs of Doing Business».

Added "National Small Industries Corporation" (India)

National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Government of India Enterprise under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) with the mission of promoting, aiding and fostering the growth of small industries and industry related micro, small and medium enterprises in the country. Of particular interest is the Business-to-Business (B2B) Portal that has been established to give online services for small and medium time importers, exporters and service providers in India.

Added "National Portal of India" (India)

The Official Portal of the Indian Government has been developed as a Mission Mode Project under the National E-Governance Plan of the Government. The objective behind the Portal is to provide comprehensive, accurate, reliable and one stop source of information about India and its various facets as well as information about the services being provided by the Indian Government for the citizens and other stakeholders. Excellent and very well made site. Of particular interest are the sections on Business, Finance, and Commerce and Industries.

Added "National Entrepreneurship Network" (India)

The National Entrepreneurship Network was established with a mission to create and support high-growth entrepreneurs, driving job-creation and economic growth in India. It partners with over 470 top-tier academic institutes in India to help them create entrepreneurship ecosystems on campus, which develop and support new and future entrepreneurs. Interesting site. Do not miss the Knowledge Bank which includes interesting material.

Added "Indian Business School" (India)

The Indian Business Schoool has the very ambitious objective to be an internationally top-ranked, research-driven, independent management institution that grooms future leaders for India and the world. The most interesting part of the site is the Wadhani Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and its draft report «Effectiveness of Credit Guarantee Schemes» (although I personally have my doubts overall about the real effectiveness of credit guarantee schemes for SMEs)

Added "Businessworld India" (India)

Businessworld is part of the ABP Group, one of India's largest media groups and is the largest selling Indian business magazine, and the only business weekly in the country. Provides economic, business and financial news covering India, UK, US and the world.

Added "India in Business" (India)

"India in Business" has been set up by the ITP division of the Ministry of External Affairs with the primary aim of accelerating the pace and quantum of Foreign Direct Investment in India. The web portal facilitates and guides the foreign investor about the Investment scenario in India. Excellent site which provides a very clear snapshot of the overall economic and sectoral situation. Do not miss the Ernst and Young report on «Doing Business in India 2011-2012». The Reserve Bank of India report «Trend and Progress of Banking in India 2010-11» is also very interesting.

April 2012

Added "US-China Business Council" (China)

The US-China Business Council, Inc. (USCBC) is a private, nonprofit organization of roughly 240 American companies that do business with China. It's mission is to expand the US-China commercial relationship to the benefit of its membership and, more broadly, the US economy. Despite the fact that the focus is on large companies and that some of the information provided is restricted to members only this is still an excellent site with lots of useful information. Do not miss the China Briefing Book.

Added "China Economic Review" (China)

China Economic Review is a monthly magazine published in Hong Kong covering business, finance and economics in China. Very good and interesting site with key articles and analyses. Do not miss the pdf archives of the magazine and the section on reports.

Added "" (China)

The authorized government portal site to China, is published under the auspices of the State Council Information Office and the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) in Beijing. It offers broad access to up-to-date news about China, with searchable texts of government position papers and a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

Added "Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship" (Entrepreneurship)

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship is an academic department in Strathclyde Business School endowed by Sir Tom Hunter for the study, research and encouragement of entrepreneurship within Scotland. In addition to the section on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor for Scotland and the UK, the most interesting part of the website is the section on Working Papers. I particularly liked the working papers on «Angel Investment Decision Making» and «Home Based Businesses».

Added "Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development" (Entrepreneurship)

Situated within Lancaster University Management School, one of the UK's leading business schools, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (IEED) undertakes work in the fields of entrepreneurship research, education and business support. Of particular interest is their research on entrepreneurial learning and family business. Very good and interesting site. Do not miss the Institute Working Papers Collection and the case studies on family business.

Added "ASEAN-Korea Centre" (Korea)

ASEAN-Korea Centre is an international organization established to promote economic and socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Member States and Korea. Interesting site. Do not miss the publications section and in particular the 2011 report on ASEAN & Korea in figures.

The list of sites linking back to ENTERWeb has been updated. None of those links are purchased links or reciprocal links. They were found using the Google search engine and represents a small portion of all the sites linking back to ENTERWeb.

It should be stressed at this stage that ENTERWeb is not a directory where sites can automatically register, but a Knowledge Portal where all sites included in the ENTERWeb's index are high quality sites which have been individually selected and evaluated according to strict criterias.

If you want details on the backlinks click on the icon to the left

March 2012

Following the recent overall update of all sections of ENTERWeb, the analysis of the 770 existing sites and the corresponding removal of 98 sites due to their disappearance or lack of value added, the alphabetical ENTERWeb Index has been re-created and is now available by clicking the small icon on the left.

Added "National Council for Research on Women" (Women & Business)

The National Council for Research on Women (NCRW) is a network of 120 leading research, policy and advocacy centers dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. They provide news, analysis and strategies needed to ensure fully informed debates, effective policies and inclusive practices. Interesting site. Do not miss the sections on Business and Entrepreneurship, Economic Development and Security, and Globalization Human Rights and  Security.

Added "ILO Women's Entrepreneurship Development programme" (Women & Business)

The ILO's Women's Entrepreneurship Development programme (ILO-WED) is part of the Small Enterprise Development Programme (SEED). ILO-WED works on enhancing economic opportunities for women by carrying out affirmative actions in support of women starting, formalizing and growing their enterprises, and by mainstreaming gender equality issues into the ILO's work in enterprise development. Excellent site with several very useful guides and manuals. Do not miss the «FAMOS Check Guide and Methods (Service Quality Check for Supporting Female and Male Operated Small Enterprises)».

Added "Global Banking Alliance for Women" (Women & Business)

The Global Banking Alliance for Women includes 31 members and a presence on almost every continent,from global banks like WestPac and Royal Bank of Canada, to national banks like Access in Nigeria and Standard Chartered in the U.K. The members share research and best practices to spur growth and accelerate development impact for women in business. Very good and interesting site particularly with regards to the section on Resources. Do not miss the «World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development» and the «GEM 2010 Women's Report».

Added "Startup Café" (Europe General & Western Europe)

The Startup Café, an online platform offering information and tools required to start a business was launched by Google France in association with French business schools and institutions. It provides online information and testimonies made available via educational videos concerning a variety of subjects (amongst others, finding an idea, marketing of a product, difficulties encountered by a creator); online tools that will facilitate the implementation of the project ; and a directory of the organisations and networks that help new entrepreneurs.

The process of updating ENTERWeb is finally over (for the time being). All the 770 sites have been checked for accuracy of description and corresponding comments. As a result, the sites descriptions have been updated and sites which have been modified now include an «updated» icon.

It should be noted that 98 sites (12.7%) have been removed . This results from the fact that some sites have ceased to exist either from lack of funding or from some other unknown reason or they do not provide anymore the free value added in terms of content which initially justified their selection. This is somewhat disappointing as some truly excellent sites have disappeared in the process.

On a more positive mode nine sites have seen their rating ugraded to 5 stars (exceptional) and fourty eight sites have seen their rating upgraded to 4 stars (excellent) This probably results from the fact that more and more sites have realized the power of Internet in knowledge sharing and dissemination and now include reports, documents, working and research papers which can be read directly online or be downloaded in pdf format.

If you want details on the update click on the icon to the left

Added "Portal Web" (Latin America)

Portal Web (in Spanish) is a web portal on microfinance in Latin America whose objectives are to create a network of institutional web sites active in the domain, to consolidate a documentation center on microfinance issues, and to develop web based information services for the various institutional actors . Promising and Interesting site particularly the Documentation Center which includes interesting publications such as «Mundo Microfinanzas Análisis: comparativo de los servicios microfinancieros en el mundo». Do not miss the list of participating websites.

January 2012

Added "EU Women Entrepreneurs" (Women & Business)

This site from the European Commission aims to encourage women entrepreneurs in reaction to the the fact that today women entrepreneurs in Europe represent only 30% of all entrepreneurs. The site is divided in three main sections : the European network to promote women entrepreneurship (WES), the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (ENFEA), and the Women Entrepreneurship Portal which provides links to the websites of women entrepreneurs' representative organisations, networks, and projects . Excellent site. Do not miss the report :  « Evaluation policy : Promotion of Women Innovators and Entrepreneurship », particularly the section on individual country characteristics.

Added "European Association of Development Agencies" (Community development)

The European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) is the professional association of regional development agencies operating in Europe. Its mission statement is to promote regional economic development through dialogue with the European Commission services and other Community institutions, and through interchange of good practice among members. The site is divided into several thematic sections : EU Policy, Financial Crisis, Governance, Innovation, Regional Development, Regional Marketing, SME Support, etc. each of which including reports which can be downloaded and or read on line, Excellent and very rich site. Do not miss the reports on : « RDA and Entreprises » and « Regional Governance ».

Added "SMEToolkit Rwanda" (East & Central Africa)

A project of the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, the SMEToolkit Rwanda offers free business management information and training for small businesses / small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on accounting and finance, business planning, human resources (HR), marketing and sales, operations, and information technology (IT). Excellent site. Do not miss the large collection of How To articles on topics like Financial Accounting, Marketing, Technology, International Business.

Added "Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry" (Japan)

This is the official site of METI the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. Essential for understanding government economic policies. Includes sections on the Cool Japan Strategy and the Current Status of Japan's Economy. Many reports are in pdf format and very graphic in their presentation with a high visual appeal (amongst the best I have seen). Excellent site. Do not miss in the White Papers section the report « 2010 Industrial Advancement Promotion Project to Facilitate Economic Partnership » which presents very interesting marketing surveys for HongKong, Singapore, Bangkok and India.

Added "Bruegel Think Tank" (Economics)

Established as a non-profit international association under Belgian law, Bruegel is a European think tank working in the field of international economics and seeking to contribute to European and global economic policy-making through research, analysis and debate. Their current research program focuses on Europen macroeconomics, Global economics and governance, Finance and financial regulation, Competition innovation and sustainable growth. Excellent and very rich site with many publications which can be downloaded. Do not miss the extremely interesting publication : «  The Euro crisis and the new impossible Trinity » which helps understand the difficulties in getting out of the current crisis.

Added "" (Northern Europe)

In , which defines itself as the Swedish Business Link to Government, three Swedish government agencies have brought together and structured information and services of value to the small entrepreneur. The site is divided in five sections : Considering, Starting, Running, Developing, Closing Down which correspond to the life cycle of an entreprise. Excellent and extremely well designed site which is a pleasure to use. It might not contain all the answers but it certainly put the new entrepreneur on the right track.

Added "Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department" (China)

The Trade and Industry Department is responsible for conducting Hong Kong's international trade relations, implementing trade policies and agreements, as well as providing general support services for industries and small and medium enterprises. The site is divided into four main sections : Import & Export, Trade Relations, SMEs & Industry, and CEPA and enables access to trade circulars and forms. The site also includes a Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs. Excellent and very rich site. Do not miss the section on Mainland and Hong Kong Closer and Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA).

Added "Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises" (India)

Added "European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship " (Europe General & Western Europe)

Added "SMEToolkit Vietnam" (Vietnam)

Added "SMEToolkit Indonesia" (Indonesia)

Added "European Capital Markets Institute" (Europe General & Western Europe)

Added "Centre for European Policy Studies" (Policies)

Added "SME Financing Data Initiative" (Business Research)

Added "Warwick Centre for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises" (Business Research)

Added "Center for Enterprise and Economic Development Research" (Business Research)

Added "Belgian Knowledge Centre for SME Financing" (Europe General & Western Europe)

Added "Erasmus Research Institute of Management" (Business Research)

Added "Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship Training Portal" (Education & Training)

Added "Knowledge Web on SMEs and Entrepreneurship" (Entrepreneurship)

Added "SMEToolkit Latin America & Carribean" (Latin America)

Added "SMEToolkit Kenya" (East & Central Africa)

Added "SMEToolkit South Africa" (South Africa)

Added "SMEToolkit West Africa" (West Africa)

Added "Algérie portail PME" (Northern Africa)

Added "Russian SME Resource Center" (Eastern & Central Europe)

December 2011

Added "U.S. Russia Center for Entrepreneurship" (Eastern & Central Europe)

Added "Your Europe" (Eastern & Central Europe)

Added "Your Europe" (Southern Europe)

Added "Your Europe" (Europe General & Western Europe)

Added "Portal PYME" (Southern Europe)

Added "BUSINESSEUROPE" (Europe General & Western Europe)

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October 2011

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November 2005

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September 2005

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August 2005

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April 2005

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March 2005

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February 2005

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January 2005

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December 2004

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November 2004

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September 2004

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Added "Guide to self-employment" (Self-employment)

Added "Startup Journal" (Self-employment)

Added "Own-Account Self-Employment in Canada" (Self-employment)

Added "Self Employment Handbook" (Self-employment)

Added "Office Depot Small Business Handbook" (Self-employment)

Added "Self-Employment for People with Disabilities" (Self-employment)

Added "Info-Guide - Assistance for Self-Employment" (Self-employment)

July 2004

At long last the updating process is mostly over. All 868 links were verified one by one, the broken ones were repaired when possible or discarded (about 150 of them) It was a long and tedious process, sometimes painful when I had to drop excellent sites which had disappeared in cyberspace for unknown reasons. Only two sections have not been updated. The section on Conferences which I am likely to drop completely as it becomes too quickly outdated, and the section on discussion groups which I may drop as well.

This means that from now on I can devote my time to developing the site. This is a long process too, especially if I create new sections. Sites have to be individually identified then reviewed and assessed, and for the ones which are not dropped they have to be rated. Drop me a line if you have suggestions or want to wish me good luck and don't forget to come back for a new visit.

Updated (Bibliography )

Updated (Latin America )

Updated (Vietnam )

Updated (Thailand )

Updated (Taiwan )

Updated (Sri Lanka )

Updated (Singapore )

Updated (Philippines )

Updated (Pakistan )

Updated (Malaysia )

Updated (Korea )

Updated (Japan )

Updated (Indonesia )

Updated (India )

June 2004

Updated (Bangladesh ), (China)

Updated (Asia Regional )

Updated (South Africa )

Updated (Middle East )

Updated (North Africa )

Updated (West Africa )

Updated (Africa general)

Updated (Northern Europe)

Updated (Eastern Europe)

Updated (Western Europe)

Updated (Business News)

Updated (Business Research)

Updated (Environment)

Updated (Microfinance)

Updated (Community Development)

Updated (Business Networks)

Updated (Women & Business)

May 2004

After 5/6,000 hours of hard work to create and develop ENTERWeb out of my own personal free time, after I tried with no success to obtain sponsorship from the Canadian International Development Agency, the World Bank, Bell Canada, etc.. I suffered some sort of a burn out and got discouraged. This explains why ENTERWeb was dormant from April 2002 till April 2004.

Pass the word around and come to visit us often

Updated (Economics)

Updated (Education & Training)

Updated (Cyberbusiness)

Updated (Globalization)

Updated (Knowledge Economy)

Updated (Donors)

Updated (Cooperatives)

Updated (Business Incubators)

Updated (Policies)

Updated (Business and Trade Law)

Updated (Technology Transfer)

Updated (Advisory services)

Updated (Export, Marketing and Trade)

Updated (Management)

Updated (Finance)

Updated (Entrepreneurship)

March 2002

Added "Global Policy Forum" (Globalization)

Added "The Globalization Website" (Globalization)

Added "A Primer on the Knowledge Economy"(Knowledge Economy)

Added "OECD and the Knowledge Economy"(Knowledge Economy)

Added "The Knowledge Economy Project"(Knowledge Economy)

Updated "The MicroBanking Bulletin" (Microcredit)

Added "Post-conflict Microfinance Project" (Microcredit)

Added "Finance and Development Research Programme" (Microcredit)

Added "Imp-Act" (Microcredit)

November 2001

Added "Livelihoods, Savings and Debt" (Microcredit)

Updated "The Microfinance Gateway" (Microcredit)

Added "MicroSave-Africa" (Microcredit)

July 2001

Added "UNIDO's Policy Framework for SMEs" (Policy)

Added "E-BusinessWorld"(Cyberbusiness)

Added "VerticalNet"(Cyberbusiness)

May 2001

Added "Electronic Commerce Institute"(Cyberbusiness)

Added "ILO's Cooperative Branch" (Cooperatives & Credit Unions)

Added "Online Small Business Workshop" ( Business & Advisory Services)

Added "CanadaOne" ( Business & Advisory Services)

Added "Small and Home-Based Business Virtual Library" ( Business & Advisory Services)

April 2001

Added "Quick Guide on Globalization" (Globalization)

Added "Is globalisation inevitable and desirable?" (Globalization)

Added "International Forum on Globalization" (Globalization)

Added "Globalization Guide" (Globalization)

Added "Making Globalisation Work for the Poor" (Globalization)

Added "IDS Research on Globalization" (Globalization)

Added "World Association of Women Entrepreneurs" (Women & Enterprises)

March 2001

Added "Women's Employment, Enterprise & Training Unit" (Women & Enterprises)

Added "SD Gateway" (Environment & Enterprises)

Added "" (Environment & Enterprises)

Added "" (Environment & Enterprises)

Added "Copyright Resources on the Internet" (Business Law)

Added "Canadian Intellectual Property Office" (Business Law)

Updated "International Trade Law Monitor" (Business Law)

Added "British Patents Information Services" (Business Law)

Added "Tanzania Microfinance Policy" (Microcredit)

Updated "ADB's Microfinance Development Strategy" (Microcredit)

Updated "Microcredit Summit" (Microcredit)

Updated "ILO's Social Finance Unit" (Microcredit)

Updated "World Bank Sustainable Banking With The Poor" (Microcredit)

Added "Scotland: Towards the Knowledge Economy"(Knowledge Economy)

Added "Athena Alliance"(Knowledge Economy)

Added "Australia's Office for the Information Economy"(Knowledge Economy)

Added "Canadian Task Force on Youth Entrepreneurship" (Entrepreneurship)

Added "Global Entrepreneurship Institute" (Entrepreneurship)

Added "Entrepreneuriat" (Entrepreneurship)

Added "Investopedia" (Finance & Banking)

Added "International Finance Corporation" (Finance & Banking)

Added "Encyclopedia of Finance" (Finance & Banking)

Added "Rutgers University Business Research Guide" (Business Networks & Information Resources)

Added "Emerging Markets Directory" (Business Networks & Information Resources)

Added "Global Business Centre" (Business Networks & Information Resources)

Added "Marketing & International Business Links" (Marketing & Trade)

Added "" (Marketing & Trade)

February 2001

Added "Mpost" (Marketing & Trade)

Added "" (Management)

Added "Productivity Futures" (Management)

Added "Management Best Practice" (Management)

Added "Community Development Venture Capital Alliance" (Community Development)

Added "Livelihoods Connect" (Community Development)

January 2001

Added "Social Capital for Development" (Community Development)

Added "European Institute of Geoeconomics" (Economics)

Added "Institute for International Economics" (Economics)

Added "" (Economics)

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