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Women and Business, Women in Business

In developing countries most microenterprises are owned and operated by women. In developed countries in addition to an increasing number of women business managers, more and more women are starting their own business and becoming women entrepreneurs.This page lists and rates internet resources related to women and business, women in business.

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SBA's Office of Women's Business Ownership
The office provides a network of training, counseling and mentoring services to help women start and/or expand businesses. It offers information about national and local resources to meet constituent needs. It creates program and policies that help women entrepreneurs become full partners in the national and global economies. Like other SBA sites it is excellent.

National Women's Business Council
The U.S. National Women's Business Council has been created to serve as an independent source of advice and policy recommendations to the President, Congress, and the U.S. Small Business Administration on economic issues of importance to women business owners. This includes a great case study on women in trucking (sponsored by CRST Inc.) that shows how with equal opportunities, females can have great careers in the transportation sector. Its mission is to promote initiatives, policies and programs designed to support women's business enterprises at all stages of development. Excellent site. Do not miss the very rich section on research and publications and the section on links.

Businesswomen in International Trade
This Canadian site, part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, provides women business enterprises with useful ressources for going the "export route", recognizing the fact that in Canada, 4 out of 5 businesses are started by women. An excellent site. Do not miss the very rich Research reports section.

EU Women Entrepreneurs
This site from the European Commission aims to encourage women entrepreneurs in reaction to the the fact that today women entrepreneurs in Europe represent only 30% of all entrepreneurs. The site is divided in three main sections : the European network to promote women entrepreneurship (WES), the European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors (ENFEA), and the Women Entrepreneurship Portal which provides links to the websites of women entrepreneurs' representative organisations, networks, and projects . Excellent site. Do not miss the report :  « Evaluation policy : Promotion of Women Innovators and Entrepreneurship », particularly the section on individual country characteristics.

ILO Women's Entrepreneurship Development programme
The ILO's Women's Entrepreneurship Development programme (ILO-WED) is part of the Small Enterprise Development Programme (SEED). ILO-WED works on enhancing economic opportunities for women by carrying out affirmative actions in support of women starting, formalizing and growing their enterprises, and by mainstreaming gender equality issues into the ILO's work in enterprise development. Excellent site with several very useful guides and manuals. Do not miss the «FAMOS Check Guide and Methods (Service Quality Check for Supporting Female and Male Operated Small Enterprises)».

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Women's Enterprise Centre
The Women's Enterprise Centre was established by Western Economic Diversification Canada to encourage the establishment and growth of women owned and controlled businesses in British Columbia. Despite the fact that most services are catering to the needs of British Columbia residents, this excellent site will be useful to any prospective woman entrepreneur. Do not miss the Ressource section where a large number of very useful documents, guides and templates can be downloaded.

Global Banking Alliance for Women
The Global Banking Alliance for Women includes 31 members and a presence on almost every continent,from global banks like WestPac and Royal Bank of Canada, to national banks like Access in Nigeria and Standard Chartered in the U.K. The members share research and best practices to spur growth and accelerate development impact for women in business. Very good and interesting site particularly with regards to the section on Resources. Do not miss the «World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development» and the «GEM 2010 Women's Report».

Center for Women and Information Technology
Although not directly related to women and business, this site from the University of Maryland seeks to enhance our understanding of the relationship between gender and IT. Very good site with excellent resources and links.

International Alliance for Women
The International Alliance for Women serves worldwide as the umbrella organization that unites, supports and promotes professional and executive women and their networks in the business, not-for-profit and government sectors. Very good site. Do not miss their international network.

Center for Women's Business Research
The Center for Women's Business Research describes itself as the premier source of knowledge about women business owners and their enterprises worldwide. The center does research documenting the economic and social contributions of women-owned firms. Very interesting site particularly its section on research studies and the Research to Action blog. Most publications have to be purchased but some can be downloaded for free. Do not miss the 2009 report: « The Economic Impact of Women-Owned Businesses in the United States ».

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Digital Women
Digital-Women is a community of resources for women and women in business. A well done appealing site providing access to key resources and advice with an additional "woman touch". I particularly liked their web related resources. A very good site worth exploring.

Mujeres de Empresa
Mujeres de Empresa is a site (in spanish) for spanish speaking women entrepreneurs which attempts to be both a virtual space where the women entrepreneurs can showcase their products and network with others, and an SME Toolkit for assistance in their daily work. Very interesting site which should have soon an english version. Do not miss the e-books section where useful guides can be downloaded

National Council for Research on Women
The National Council for Research on Women (NCRW) is a network of 120 leading research, policy and advocacy centers dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls. They provide news, analysis and strategies needed to ensure fully informed debates, effective policies and inclusive practices. Interesting haze site. Do not miss the sections on Business and Entrepreneurship, Economic Development and Security, and Globalization Human Rights and  Security.

UNIDO's Economic Empowerment of Women
Under Millenium Development Goal 3 : Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women, UNIDO's response is to actively foster the participation of women in the productive sectors, with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, in an effort to enable women to generate a sustained income. This is achieved primarily through enterprise development programmes that address the inequalities faced by women with a focus on capacity-building, policy and institutional support. Do not miss the report: «UNIDO's Contribution: Economic Empowerment of Women».

World Association of Women Entrepreneurs
The World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political and non-sectarian organization whose activities at the national and international level, are aimed at promoting women's entrepreneurial initiatives and reinforcing national associations of women business owners. The site includes a list of those national associations on a country basis.

National Association for Female Executives
The National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), one of the United States' largest associations for women professionals and business owners, provides ressources, through education, networking, and public advocacy, to empower its members to achieve both career and personal success. Even if you are not a paying member you can find interesting articles and tips throughout the site. Do not miss the job search and career advice which you can access through the section on useful links.

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Women In Business Cyberspace Field of Dreams
A very eclectic site providing general information and advice to business women, especially in the area of setting up a web presence with a warning on online scams from

As an independent, nonprofit membership organization, Catalyst conducts research on all aspects of women's career advancement. Interesting website with background information and public records available. Do not miss the section on knowledge which includes a number of interesting reports which can be downloaded. The bookstore section also includes free downloads.

Advancing Women
Advancing Women is at its core a women recruiting site providing candidates from various disciplines. Job seekers and/or employers can post their resume and/or employment opportunities. In addition the site offers access to a multitude of short articles and/or tips on a variety of business related subjects. Most of them are probably useful but I could not help wondering if the large display of ads had not become more important that the article content itself. This being said do not miss the Advancing Women Leadership Journal which is very interesting even though it targets a much smaller audience.

Women in Technology International (WITI)
Women in Technology International (WITI), founded in 1989, is a rapidly growing association of more than 6,000 members, 95% of whom are professional women working in technology organizations. It claims to be "The International Resource for Women in Science and Technology" and was founded to attract, develop, and retain women in science and technology.

Center for Women's Leadership
The Center for Women's Leadership at Babson College, Massachusetts is dedicated to advancing the entrepreneurial leadership of women across organizations worldwide. The site provides details about the activities of the center. Its most interesting part is the link to the Digital Knowledge Library through which you can search the various research publications.

UNIFEM - Strengthening Women's Economic Capacity
UNIFEM's work on economic empowerment is part of their strategy to increase women's access to and control over income and resources. To strengthen women's economic capacity is to encourage women to become key economic players and shape the direction of the market forces. Although it is not implicitly said, this is very much related to the development of women entrepreneurship in developing countries. The added focus on globalization and new technologies makes it a promising and interesting site. Do not miss the UN 2009 report: « World Survey on the role of Women in Development ».

Women's Employment, Enterprise & Training Unit
The Women's Employment, Enterprise & Training Unit (WEETU) is a non profit organization in the UK set up to to help women deal with economic change and to develop and extend women's access to quality employment, education and training. The site is under revision and the only interesting part , besides the Chronicle newsletter, is the online financial health check. (sponsored by Creative Investment Research, Inc., an investment research and management company) provides investment information for minorities and women. Interesting but somewhat limited site, focusing mostly on investment information. Do not miss the list of best sites.

Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT)
The Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) is a non-profit professional organization designed to promote women doing business in international trade by providing networking and educational opportunities. This very worthwhile objective is not unfortunately translated in terms of value added available on the website unless you become a paying member.

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